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So, I must say that when the husband told me that he was going to sign us up for a wordpress account I was rather leery of the whole prospect of the fact that blogging was going to be a huge part of the new lethal arts for 2015. You see as most people know I write entirely too much for school and was not exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of this. But then I gave it some thought and figured that for some reason people enjoy or rather are forced to see what you type on facecrack and on here you can either choose to read this rambling crap on how and why we do the things we do or choose to not come to the site anyway.

So at the risk of this sounding like some other middle aged blogger mom let me put it out there that I do not give two shits if you like what i say or if you don’t. I do my art for me…I make things (for the most part) that I enjoy making because let’s face it if it becomes popular or other people want me to make more of it it looses the spark which makes it art for me.

We have been tasked to make several things for several different types of people in the last couple of months, things which are a step away from our norm in the sci-fi, gothic, horror just all around weird shit, some will like it some won’t.

Another thing the steampunk items we do make and will continue to make for sci-fi conventions will as of the end of this month be veering away from the victorian and into the dieselpunk, cyberpunk, teslapunk style.

In addition I have (with the constant prodding of Jared) decided to begin to paint again and do some clay sculpting.

The blogging will be at a minimum unless something just hits me that I feel that I should write about. You see writing for me is more of a job and less of a passion when it used to be for many years the total opposite.

Any way welcome to Lethal Arts LLC.

and remember…..

Lead, follow or get the fuck out of my way.

Of the Esoteric Origins of Our Logo

I got interested in the occult when I was probably fifteen and began studying Wicca (stop laughing). I quickly realized that the modern Wicca movement was full of a bunch of aging hippies, and fluffy bunnies (thanks Suz!), trying to amalgamate at least forty religions into one uber loosely defined doctrine. It wasn’t long after that I discovered the teachings of The Golden Dawn, O.T.O, Enochian system of Dee/Kelly, etc.

Mathematics and science coupled with the metaphysics of Sacred Geometry has been a driving factor in much of my art and life for a long time now. While on “vacation” I was fortunate enough to not only get a copy of H.P. Blavatsky‘s The Secret Doctrine, but actually had time to study it. Basically the entire book is an in depth analysis of mythological cosmology; yet another pet interest of mine (I’m a dilettante, sue me). Early on in the book it discusses shapes and how they relate to the universe and a seed began to form.

The number Π, and other so called transcendental numbers, litter sacred geometry, and are fascinating in their infinitude and inescapable presence in all mathematics above basic algebra. ○, □, △ and |was all it took and a connection was made in my brain. The Greeks had this concept of the cosmogram, yes other cultures use them also and they are synonymous with the Hindu mandala, which is a geometric representation of the universe. Well since any circle can be sufficiently approximated by a symmetrical polygon with arbitrary side count, credit to Dr. Bender for the wording here, and Π is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle, a logo was born. 3.1415… ≅ Π ≅ {△, |, □, —, Small pentagon, …} =


Note: HTML Greek/Mathematical notation, Shapes. Also, the upside down cross was just a happy bonus.


Welcome to the new Lethal Arts page. My personal ascetic is for clean, low color count, and sparse. While WordPress may not be the best vehicle programatically it does allow a lot of speed which is what we needed. You will not see a ton of plug-ins or added functionality. They may be pretty, and often well coded, but by and large they are a source of added vulnerabilities even beyond those exposed by using WordPress in general.

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding new content, work on the store page (wish those bastards at Square would add themes in already), and a secondary blog (maybe, I may just use tags/categories and discuss them here) discussing my work on the LaACES project at McNeese State University and my capstone research/work on computer vision.

Enjoy, you should be able to comment. If not send feedback to .

Oh, and Hail Santa!